Five things you can easily hide with a face mask

A year ago, you would not be caught dead in one, now they are mandatory and you cannot get your foot through any door without one. Face masks are like underwear, meaning you probably have one for every day of the week. The main thing you hope is that they are comfortable and not too tight to obstruct your breathing. But did you know that wearing a face mask gives you some added benefits that you previously may not have thought about?

Who would have thought that those little strips of cloth, no bigger than a bikini top, could be multi-functional and do much more than protect you from COVID-19?

Here are five things you can ‘mask’ by wearing your cute face mask.

1. That you have not brushed your teeth. The fumes are all your own and no one will be knocked out by them.

2. You have not shaved or tweezed those long, gnarly chin hairs. Especially if you are a female, those hairs can be unsightly!

3. You can talk to yourself and not look crazy. You can even answer a few burning questions while you are at it.

4. There is no need to wear full make-up. Some people do half of their face, but personally, that just seems weird. Let your skin breathe for a change.

5. It covers up that scar on your face that you were kind of self-conscious about. The mask can mask any flaws that you do not want the world to see.