Five things you should never wear on a flight

High heels are not recommended for your flight.

At this time of the year, airports are packed, and planes are loaded with summer travellers. While sundresses, shorts, heels and other types of fancy items are likely to dominate most wardrobes during the season, comfort is crucial while on your flight.

A cosy and relaxing flight is something everyone desires, so here are five things to avoid as you embark on your trip.

High Heels

You’re not ripping the runway, so high heels are not required for your flight. There is no need to struggle through the airport in uncomfortable pumps. Instead, grab a pair of sneakers that will help you to sprint to the gate, if necessary. Flip-flops are not recommended either.


Jumpsuits and onesies are probably the worst items of clothing you could wear for a flight. Why would you want to remove almost all your clothes just to use the bathroom? A better option is to wear something simple that will make going to the loo a breeze.

Tight Clothing

It might be tempting, but tight clothing is not recommended for flights. It’s best to wear outfits that are made of breathable fabric. You also need to bring along something that can keep you warm during the flight.

Ensure that you wear a light fragrance that won’t bother other passengers.

Heavy Perfumes

A little perfume is fine, but you need to think about your fellow travellers. It would not be a pleasant experience if someone has an asthmatic attack all because of your heavily scented toiletries. Aftershaves are on that banned list, too.

Offensive Clothing

Well, let’s just say you could get kicked off your flight for wearing a T-shirt splashed with expletives. Just be considerate of other passengers – don’t offend them.