Five types of hobbies you need

We all need a little healthy distraction, particularly in the time of coronavirus, and this is where hobbies come in.

A hobby that keeps your body as sharp as your mind is a must.

Most people one or two that allows them let off some steam and feel good at the end of the day. Defined as ‘activities done for leisure and pleasure in your spare time’, many understand the value of having a hobby that fits their personality and fuels their passion.

However, there are hobbies and then there are hobbies that have long term benefits that you should be interested in.

What about something that gets your creative juices flowing?

Below are five hobbies that you do not just want, you actually need:

1. A hobby that makes you money: Many people wait until they are retired to dive into doing things they have a knack for. Don’t. Follow your passion and see how it can feed you.

2. A hobby that builds knowledge: You are never too old to learn and learning does not even need to be formal. A new language, a new skill or simply keep yourself informed of world history, news and happenings, the opportunities are endless.

3. A task that keeps you creative: You may not think you are handy with your hands but you never know until you tried doing something you previously would not think of attempting. If at first you don’t succeed…

4. One that keeps you in shape: Round is not the shape you want to be in.

5. One that maintains your health: It is one of the few things money cannot buy. Plus being in good health is a big plus in these precarious times.