Five ways to get your kids to wear masks

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Probably the only thing you hate more than wearing a mask is trying to get your kids to wear one too. There’s nothing that a child hates more that been restricted from talking so you understand their frustration. But still, everyone needs to do their part in preventing the spread of coronvirus-kids included.

Luckily we have some tips on how you can get your kids to be more cooperative in putting on a mask.

Know your child

We’re hoping that by now you actually do know your child, but here’s a reminder that not all children are the same. Toddlers for example may be frightened as the prospect of wearing a mask, and not being able to recognize the faces around them.

Let them know what’s up

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(Photo: The United Nations)

Having a conversation with your child, and explaining to them why they need to wear a mask is also a great way to get them to stop fusssing.

Engage them

Kids love feeling involved, and you can make them feel a part of the process. You can allow them to choose their own masks, or if you’re sewing them, have them sit at the machine while you’re making them.

Practice, and then some

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Once you’ve gotten them to wear the masks, the next step is to have them practice wearing it. You can achieve this by having them wear a mask in and around the house

Communicate often

You may not want to be nagging, but in this case, you might not have a choice. Constantly remind your children of the importance of wearing a mask, you can even be creative and make it into a song.