Flaws and all: Queenie ditches stockings in leg appreciation post

Social media personality Queenie is known for wearing brown stockings on an ordinary day, but as she made her 51st trip around the sun this week, she decided to bask in her skin and add some cellulite realness to the ‘Gram’.


The Double Tap entertainer uploaded a video showing her bare legs after months of being criticised by some social media users for wearing stockings.

“Watch mi legs,” she said, spinning for the camera. “Unno nuh choose fi me when mi wear stockings. Mi wear stockings when me waan wear stockings. Mi nuh shame a mi legs dem, mi just nuh like dem, but mi haffi love dem cause a my own dem.”

She told her fiancé Dowey, who was filming, to give cyber users a better view as she spanked her thighs, modelled around then rolled around in the grass. She added that age is an honour, and she is proud of her body.

Others supported her message and complimented her legs.

“Yuh still sexy and look good Queenie, everyone have their flaws,” one person said.

“I swear if Queenie didn’t point out her legs a lot wouldn’t notice,” another added. “Anybody who has an issue with something so simple has personal issues.”

“Yeeessss big up yuh self Queenie, your legs are perfect just the way they are!! Your gorgeous.”

“All dem tings yah people will hate you fah, dem body perfect and flawless and still nuh have zero confidence dat we wid scars have. Love you,” another person said.