Flight attendant starts cake business after being laid off

Camille Flimn was a flight attendant for 15 years, but she was laid off when the airline company she worked for closed.

Camille says cake decorating is an art.

Out of the love for putting on birthday parties for her children, she turned her passion for cake decorating into a business – Cake Couture Ja.

“With absolutely no professional training, my first cake order was a ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ cake for my daughter’s friend,” the mother of four shared.

“Each cake is its own masterpiece.”

— Camille Flimn

Camille, who believes her talent is a God-given, added: “I do love to bake specialty items like macaroons, cake pops, cupcakes, and other dessert items.”

One-woman show

Cake Couture Ja is known for its beautiful cakes.

The entrepreneur also shared that she has no additional staff.

“I don’t have staff. I am pretty much a one-woman show. I do have a baker, but, on occasion, I bake and do all the decorative elements and executions. I take such pride in each cake (they’re like my babies). I simply couldn’t allow anyone else to touch them,” she jokingly said.

Camille, who revealed she has 100 per cent control of everything at her company Cake Couture Ja, confessed that the demand for her cakes is quite overwhelming at times.

“Time is the most strained resource; time to connect with all my potential clients, the time it takes to execute some orders and time with my hubby and children,” she said.

A future in teaching

Despite the time constraint, Camille insists her clients won’t be shortchanged.

Red Stripe is among Cake Couture Ja’s many corporate clients.

“This is art, in and of itself, each cake is its own masterpiece. No cake is average, and all are priced according to the technical merit and media employed,” she explained.

And with the art being so special to her, Camille wants to share her talent with the world in the near future.

“I would love to share my talent with others; teaching is where I’m heading,” she said.

She also added that customers can look forward to some tasty Jamaican chocolate edibles when she takes up a scholarship she won in a cake decorating competition at the Sweet Art Bake Expo a few years ago.