Follow these rules: Don’t be an annoying wedding guest

Ahhhhh. The smell of love in the air makes one think of cupid proudly sitting back congratulating himself on another job well done. Weddings are a time of hope and the promise of forever. So, we dress up, eat and listen to heartfelt speeches about how those two individuals have now become one, united in their commitment to each other.

Weddings are joyous celebrations, but some people get carried away in their youthful exuberance. To prevent getting kicked out of the wedding for playing the fool, let us explore some simple etiquette rules that we should all know. However, it does not hurt to have a gentle reminder.


  • Carry a gift, or if there is a bridal registry, just register early and choose a present within your budget.
  • Have something to eat before you go. Never go to a wedding hungry. It is usually hours of waiting after the ceremony before you get something to eat at the reception. Who wants to stay famished for up to four hours?!
  • Put your phones on silent or vibrate so that your obnoxious ring tone does not go off when they are exchanging vows. That is not the time for Vybz Kartel to make an appearance.


  • Carry a plus one if the invite did not extend one. That is just plain tacky.
  • Bring children along if the invitation did not say ‘and family’. Especially if the wedding is being kept at a hotel, they have to pay for every plate of food.
  • Do not ask for seconds. No matter how hungry you are, be satisfied with the prepared meal placed before you.
  • Do not walk with your foil paper to take away food for your dinner the next day. Who raised you?  
  • Give a speech that will embarrass either the bride or groom. This is not the time to talk about how many girlfriends the groom previously had or how the bride was a chronic bed wetter up to her late teens.
  • Incessantly keep hitting the glass for the couple to kiss. After a while it gets very annoying as they may be conversing, eating or doing something which requires a bit of concentration. Every half hour or so is fine.
  • Get intoxicated. Drunk people are not cute. 
  • Wear white. That is reserved for the bride on her special day.

Written by C.W.

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