Food as medicine — delicious ways to boost your immune system

Amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic the words of Chronixx’s ‘Spirulina’ rings louder more than ever before. “Mek you food be yuh medicine, yuh medicine yuh food” is a mantra that most vegans and healthy food followers live by, but now it should be the concern of everyone.

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Spirulina is also considered a superfood. (Photo:

With regular restaurants closing their doors and some only offering take-out, what we eat daily is becoming a major concern for many.  

We have been told by all the experts that a strong immune system increases our chances of recovering from COVID-19 if infected or could help us in not getting it in the first place if all other precautions are followed.

The question for most is: How do I do this? Multi-vitamins is the go-to solution for most people but there is something profoundly beautiful about getting the nutrients from a fresher source.

With that in mind, for those sitting at home with no idea of where to start, social media has given us easy, tasty recipes, one of which local blogger Kendrick Barnett has created as a great immune system booster on his blog ‘Dutchpot Chronicles’.

The yummy concoction, aptly named Turmeric Ginger Grapefruit shot, features ingredients that have been revered as anti-inflammatories, immune boosters and great sources of vitamin C, ideal to give the body the help it needs to be a strong, mean, fighting machine.

Another term you might be hearing a lot about is alkalising the body. Research has shown that foods we consume either help it to produce acid or alkaline and a highly acidic body encourages the break-down of cells, the immune system and encourages bacteria, viruses and disease to strengthen.

Wellness Shots from Living Food & Juices (Photo: Instagram – Living Food & Juices)

So more natural food gurus encourage us to eat more ‘alkaline’ foods.  For those of you who aren’t into the DIY vibe of immune building, Living Food & Juices in Lane Plaza on South Avenue in Kingston is still taking orders for pick-up or delivery.

Free wellness shots available at Living Food & Juices. (Photo: Instagram – Living Food & Juices)

They have a wide range of wellness shots and natural juice combinations, all aimed at boosting the immune system and cleansing toxins from the body and alkalising the body.

Not ready to go to the extreme with complete food replacements? @Doughworry has you covered. Originally the purveyor of gourmet cookies, caterer Jordan Terry has added four delicious immune-boosting soups to his offering along with three tasty quiches.

Ginger, Turmeric Golden Broth with Bok Choy & Roasted Carrots from caterer Jordan Terry. (Photo: Instagram—doughworry)

Whether a vegan or not, he provides something sweet and savoury that will excite the taste buds.