‘Forever first lady’! Michelle Obama steals the show at inauguration

Today was a monumental day for American democracy as Joe Biden was sworn in as the nation’s 46th president.

Former first lady Michelle Obama was dressed to the nines for today’s inauguration and took along the must-have accessory of the season – husband, and former president, Barack Obama.

It was also the perfect occasion for Michelle Obama, to remind everyone that she may not live in the White House but she’s the “forever first lady”.

Obama has never been one to shy away making a stylish entrance and, in fact, spent much of her tenure as first lady fielding criticism of her fashions from people who were used to more muted and, dare we say boring, looks.

Well, four years past the critical eyes that comes with being married to the man seated in the Oval Office, Michelle returned to place where it all began, proving that she is, and will always be, a fashion killa *insert A$AP Rocky lyrics here*

Obama donned a purple (or is it plum) pantsuit with by black designer Sergio Hudson of South Carolina.

It was the style moment we deserved after four years of waiting with bated breath for the departure of ‘He Who Shall Not Be Named’.

Check out some of our favourite social media reactions to Michelle’s effortless slay below:

This casual acknowledgement of what she did…THAT!

Y’all said expect windy conditions today? Mother Nature would never!

Even former President George W. Bush knows the best part of any inauguration is running into his bestie, Michelle.

The effort is equivalent to the relevance, no?

Auntie Mich is always up for a challenge. What’s next?

I mean, no lies were told.