Forget looks, here are 9 things that make someone sexy

You know what you’re looking for but what about the things you can’t see?

While looks may be subjective, we all know what we find attractive or sexy about someone else. It could be their eyes, the way the smile or even how they make us feel. We may try to kid ourselves that looks don’t matter, and if we get hung up on it then it makes us seem superficial, but we are human. So we do appraise what we see and then work our way to other qualities afterwards.

Have you ever seen someone so smoking hot and physically appealing that they momentarily took your breath away? You were so mesmerised that you stopped thinking or maybe even breathing for a second or two until your brain caught up with the rest of your body?

There is something to be said for sexual attraction but the best relationships are based on a just a tad more.

You were just about to declare your love when they opened their mouth and instantly killed whatever attraction there was. Yes, physical features do count for a lot but if you were to subtract those what is it that makes you think someone is sexy?

1.  Personality

2. Bank account

3. Character

4. Compassion

5. Sense of humour

6. Confidence

7. Walk/Swag

8. Intelligence

9. Voice