Former WNBA star opens learning centre in August Town

A new learning centre, opened in August Town, Jamaica, has been assisting over 100 students per week.

This initiative came about through the benevolence of Simone Edwards, a former WNBA standout and native of the community, who has been giving back in a variety of ways.

Former WNBA star Simone Edwards has been providing assistance to children in her hometown of August Town in Jamaica. (Photo:

Edwards through her charity, Simone4children, developed the after school programme where volunteer tutors assist students with homework and exam preparations. 

According to Edwards, one of the aims of the programme is to prevent students from dropping out of school by keeping track of them and making sure they do their work. 

There is also the aim to pay for some major exams so that they don’t miss an opportunity because they are unable to pay for it. The programme also provides the students with snacks but the hope is to provide them with meals. 

Edwards notes she got a major opportunity because she was able to play basketball and she wants to help out how she can. Before, she has been using the charity to donate school supplies, but this is a major move to assist students from her home community.

She notes there is still more work to be done on the centre as the plan is to change the roof to slab and to build a basketball court to assist students in developing athletic skills.