From Cakebella, with love

Flour, water, oil, some baking powder, maybe some alcohol, fruits, chocolate powder, perhaps. These are basic ingredients for a cake. But Ellissa Campbell, founder of Cakebella has a secret ingredient, that she’s gracious enough to share.

“My special ingredient is love, and all that it entails; the attention, the patience and the care that is placed into every single piece,” she told BUZZ.

Ellissa Campbell, founder of Cakebella

But funny enough, even though Campbell has spent the last two years satisfying the sweet cravings of her customers, she does not have a sweet tooth. What she possesses, however, is a deep appreciation for the art of cake making. And this was nourished by baking extraordinaire, Denise Cargill of Jamaica Cake Doctor.

Cakebella does cakes for any occasion

Soon, Campbell went from an “internet baker” who only googled recipes from the internet, to adding her own twists to recipes.

“We are unique and so I never find myself making the same cake twice.”

— Campbell

“In 2018 I decided to make the investment to explore my interest and enhance my skills and completed both basic and advanced cake baking and decorating classes,” she said.

Since then, she has built a business that is centred around pleasing her customers.

“My aim is not only for my products to look good but to taste good”

Surpass customer expectations

“My aim is not only for my products to look good but to taste good and to surpass my customers expectations. It is a competitive market filled with a lot of talented people but there is only one Cakebella and we cater to the individual. We are unique and so I never find myself making the same cake twice,” she said.

Campbell said her cakes are requested for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, and any other special occasions where cake is needed.

Baby shower cakes from Cakebella

The 25-year-old works from home, and customers place their orders via her Instagram page, @cakebellaja.

But juggling a 9-5 with her side hustle is not always easy. “It can get hard sometimes and honestly I’m still learning but with proper planning and time management it is not so pressuring,” she said.

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,” she advises other young entrepreneurs.