Funny ways Jamaican ask for money


Unfortunately for some it has become the national pass time.

Requesting money is just a nice way of saying that you are begging and while some people legitimately have fallen on hard times or may need financial assistance, it has become the norm and a part of our culture to want something for doing absolutely nothing.

Remittance has long been the main medium through which money flows into this island.

With the corona virus causing even more severe economic hardship on a lot more people, remittances has increased significantly in recent months.

Remittances aside, people take it as nothing to just see people and ask for money in a similar manner as if they were asking about the weather. They see it as no big deal.

Grown men and women with hands outstretched expecting hard working people to just go into their wallets and give them something and if you are not careful, they may look on in disgust if they feel the sum given is meagre or too paltry.

Do not for an instance believe that ‘silver’ or coins count as money, because there have been instances where people get offended when they receive coins and actually give them back.

Peruse the list below to see if any of the requests below sound familiar.

1.  “Boy me nuh eat a thing from mawnng.”

2. “Leave a ting wid me nuh”

3. “Bruk me famine nuh”

4. “You waa see nutten too tuff nah gwan fi me”

5. “Beg you supm nuh”

6. “Life gree wid you so you can bless me” 

7. “Grease me palm nuh”

8. “Share some a your blessings nuh”

9. “You caa help out a friend?”

10.  “Nuh bada leave it eena d offering plate, leave it wid me. Me need it more.”