Gabriela ‘Life of Gabz’ Atherley releases new single ‘My Birthday’

Recording artiste, model, and lifestyle travel vlogger Gabriela ‘Life of Gabz’ Atherley

Recording artiste, model, and lifestyle travel vlogger Gabriela ‘Life of Gabz’ Atherley is big on birthdays. So much that her latest single is called My Birthday and it’s giving serious Doja Cat Vibes. This is no coincidence though, as the 25-year-old told BUZZ that Doja Cat is one of her influences.

Atherley celebrated her 25th birthday on July 23, and after being hospitalized and unable to celebrate her three previous birthdays, she made a big deal out of this one.

“So this birthday was the first time in three years that I was able to celebrate without having to be in the hospital or having surgeries so I was very excited and blessed this year because after dealing with so much pain and illness over the years -fighting through those bad times was a struggle but then overcoming these obstacles just in time for my birthday and feeling physically free to do whatever I want was all I really wanted,” she said.

Although she prefers to be private about her illness, she said that changing her diet and exercising has her feeling 100 per cent better and she is ready to launch her music career. She promised to kickstart this by releasing an EP of four songs later this year.

Following her dreams

“I’m looking to take this EP internationally and that’s my main goal right now. I really wanted to launch it this summer and that didn’t happen, but I will get it out before the new year.”

Gabriela ‘Life of Gabz’ Atherley has been surrounding by music most of her life

She said she has had enough of making excuses not to pursue music and really follow her dreams.
“I always used to be procrastinating and I didn’t have much confidence in myself. I was always afraid and made excuses as to why I shouldn’t record or put it out. Stepping out of my comfort zone and doing what I say I want to do and seeing the results that I’m getting now is a life-changing experience.”

She added; “I was always surrounded by music my entire life, my sister was into music, my mom was a choir director and I sang in church.”

Atherley currently has over 10k followers on Instagram and uses her platform to inspire others to be their best selves. “I want people to feel happy and empowered when they hear my music like they can express themselves as confidently as they can.”

Outside of modelling and vlogging Atherley is also a fashionista who hopes to launch her own boutique one day. Until then, she will continue pursuing her musical dreams, vlogging for her YouTube channel, and living by the mantra-“Whatever you’re going through at the moment it will pass so don’t give up!”