Game on: Balenciaga will debut its fall/winter 2021 collection in a video game

(Photo: Esquire Middle East)

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed brands to become more creative as they adapt to the virtual way of doing things. And luxury fashion brand, Balenciaga got the memo, and a P.S too apparently.

The Spanish brand will be debuting its 2021 collection in an original video game called ‘Afterworld; The Age of Tomorrow. This will happen on December 6 and the game will be free and playable directly on Internet browsers

The game is an allegorical adventure set in the year 2031, exploring the collection’s theme of destiny through ‘mythological pasts’ and ‘projected futures.”

In a statement, Balenciaga described Afterworld as the “largest volumetric video project ever undertaken, incorporating photogrammetry and cutting-edge computer technology.”

As expected, Balenciaga isn’t revealing too many details on the project, but are only teasing us that it is “anchored to mythological pasts and projected futures with timeless archetypes and speculative imagery,’ with a hero who advances throughout ‘distinct zones, motivated by tasks and interactions.’

‘A theme of Balenciaga fall 2021 is human destiny, as seen by an interactive, gamified journey,’ the company added. ‘The world may appear to be decaying at first, but it is far from a dystopian view, showing instead the slow return to a healthier balance of nature and industry.’

So, will you be playing BUZZ Fam?