Gender study finds 90% of people are biased towards women

There is no country in the world with gender equality, according to a UN report. The report also revealed that at least 90 per cent of men and women hold some bias towards women.

The “Gender Social Norms” index analysed biases in areas such as politics and education in 75 countries.

Globally, close to 50 per cent of men said they had more right to a job than women. And almost a third of respondents thought it was acceptable for men to hit their partners.

Zimbabwe had the highest amount of bias with only 0.27 per cent of people reporting no gender bias at all.

On the other end of the scale was Andorra where 72 per cent of people reported no bias.

The report also found that about half of the world’s men and women feel that men make better political leaders.

In China, 55 per cent of people thought men were better suited to be political leaders.

And over in America, approximately 39 per cent of people in the US thought men made better leaders.

Globally, 40 per cent of people thought men made better business executives.