George Nooks pushes ‘For You’ for Valentine’s Day

George Nooks says his new song will appeal to men and women.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and singer George Nooks says he has something special, not just the ladies but men who want to express their emotions to the love of their lives.

“It’s for that special one in your life.”

— George Nooks

Nooks, who recently released the title track and the video from his 2018 album For You, said the song is one that is “just right” for the day.

“It’s for that special one in your life … there is nothing you wouldn’t do to make that person happy and I think the sentiments were captured in the video,” he said, adding that director Nordia Rose zoned in perfectly in portraying the words of the song.

George Nooks gets some help as he performs For You.

Commenting on his decision to release the song from the album, which is a joint effort between Tads Records and his own Production Totally label, he said it was the right time to focus on the power of love.

Looking ahead, Nooks said that he is busy in the studio working on even more lovers’ rock songs, as well as what he has come to be equally known for – gospel gems.  

“You know gospel has a special place in my heart, and it is something that my fans have come to expect,” he said.