German police respond to bomb alert, turns out it was a sex toy

Be honest, you’d think this was a grenade too right? (Photo: CNN)

That’s one bomb sex toy!

A woman in Germany went jogging on Saturday and called the police after she saw what she thought to be a hand grenade lying in the grass in a plastic bag.

Officers from Germany’s bomb squad quickly rushed to the scene to assess the situation. But it turns out the “hand grenade” was actually a sex toy.

“After inspecting the plastic bag it became evident that it was only a fake plastic grenade,” reads the statement from the Bavarian bomb unit.

It added that two unused condoms, an empty bottle of lubricant, and a USB cable were also found inside the bag.

“An internet search confirmed the suspicions, there are actually hand grenade sex toys,” said police.

The bag had decomposed and must have been there for some time, according to the statement.

The police have no idea how the items got there and they have since disposed of them.