German woman leaves huge inheritance to neighbours

The community of Waldsolms has inherited Renate and her husband’s fortune (Photo: CNN)

Renate Wedel has left a legacy in her community of Waldsolms in Hesse, central Germany. Residents will forever remember her after she left her fortune of €6.2 million ($7.5 million) to them.

Wedel lived in the community with her husband since 1975. Her husband was “successful” and “active” on the stock exchange He died in 2014. And Wedel, who had been receiving care in a nursing home died in December 2019.

Her sister who was her original heir, had already died, local media outlet Hessenschau reported.

The community is obliged to use the inheritance, for “community facilities and infrastructure.”

“The community of Waldsolms posthumously thanks the Wedel couple for this important inheritance,” the community said in a statement.”We will deal with it very responsibly, develop our community for the good of all, and keep an honorable memory of both,” it added.