Facemask N Tie Ja setting the trend for back to work fashion

Get trendy with this matching set from Face Masks and Ties JA

Come Monday, June 1, many of us will return the office for the first time in weeks, but with one notable change -we’ll have to wear masks to protect ourselves against the coronavirus.

While there are many fashionable masks on the market, you’ll want to ensure that you get one that doesn’t clash with your outfit – at least not on the first day. 

That’s where Shanari McCarthy comes in. He and dressmaker, Alexia Campbell, have designed matching tailored matching face masks and tie sets for men. 

“I’ll be going back to work, but I want to be trendy, I want to be popping. I don’t want to just have on a mask like everybody else.”

— McCarthy

McCarthy, who is a marketing officer at the Jamaica Stock Exchange, told BUZZ that the idea was born out of his desire to look trendy when he returns to work in the office. 

“I was like, I’ll be going back to work, and I’ll have to wear a mask, but I want to be trendy, I want to be popping. I don’t want to just have on a mask like everybody else. So I want to see how I could make it look fashionable. And I wanted to have something that would remind me to wear my mask, so I said the tie and the mask would be a good pair,” he said. 

Shanari McCarthy (Contibuted)

The Kingston native explained that he’s always had a keen eye for fashion, as he grew up around women who were dressmakers.

“Both of my grandparents were into sewing. My mother’s mom used to make wedding dresses, and my father’s mother normally make kitchen and bedroom sets. So from a toddler I’ve been around people sewing,” he said. 

I know you’re already thinking about which suit to wear this printed set with.

However, he decided to entrust the sewing part of the business to Campbell, a skilled dressmaker, while he deals with the marketing aspect.

“The two of us work together, I do the marketing, packaging, and distribution. But when it comes on to sewing the products in a precise manner and time, it’s Alexia Campbell,” he said. 

McCarthy said he started selling his sets less than a week ago, and the response has been tremendous. 

McCarthy says these masks are made from 100 per cent cotton

Quality material

“Everyday, I get at least 4-5 different persons asking for four, two, or one pair. So we keep having to have to find new materials. But that is what we want. We want to get it out there,” he said. 

Each matching set is sold for $2500, and McCarthy vouches on the quality of each pair. 

A Father’s Day gift idea, perhaps?

“We’re looking towards quality, something that is reusable, and comfortable, but also looks good on you. All material is locally bought, and 100 per cent cotton, and we seek the expertise of the people in the stores we buy it from,”  he said. 

For now, McCarthy said persons can place their order via email at facemasksntie.ja@gamil.com or find them on Instagram at FacemasknTie.ja. 

“We taking our time, and make sure we can maneuver as the orders increase,” he said.