Get rid of the clutter and embrace minimalism

You have reached an age or stage in life when the trappings of so-called success are no longer important to you. You make do with what you have, and over the years you can discard or even shed some of the material things that others still crave. You live each day as if it is a new adventure, and when you feel like travelling, you just get up and go as nothing stops you from living in the moment. Yup, you may be a minimalist.

Freedom from material stuff

And who exactly is a minimalist? Someone who values freedom in every aspect of life so they want freedom from material stuff, from fear, societal pressure and most of all freedom from the capitalist or consumer culture that is so pervasive in modern living.

We were raised to pretty much accept that success means that we must have a big house, a fancy car and designer clothing. We need credit cards and social media and the means to go to high-end soirees to be seen and party with the Joneses.

Opportunity to downsize

Minimalism is the complete opposite; hence it affords you the opportunity to downsize, scale back or to just let go of stuff that you may want to have around but do not need to live or function. For example, you see a house with a walk-in closet, jetted tub or a hot water heater, and you fall in love with it. But do you really need it? Nope. If you are a minimalist, the fact that you have water flowing freely in your pipes is good enough for you.

Peace of mind

Why try minimalism? Honestly, it can afford you a level of peace of mind that you would not believe. Think about it: Always working, working, working to achieve more things not only gets tiring, it can also be stressful. And one thing about continued or constant stress is that, eventually, you are going to get either physically or emotionally ill or both.

Wanting things to just have them should not be a goal in itself. Why? Because having acquired that thing you then move on to wanting something else and pretty soon you are like a hamster on a treadmill. Just acquiring things to show them off, and sometimes, after the acquisition, you even have buyer’s remorse.

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