‘Ghetto Michael Jackson’ shows off skin lightening routine

Akeem “Ghetto Michael Jackson” Walker

Jamaica’s latest Internet sensation Akeem Walker, dubbed the “Ghetto Michael Jackson”, took to Instagram to showoff his nighttime skincare regimen late Saturday (November 14).

Walker appeared on the ‘gram covered in a white cream that had not yet been fully applied to the skin.

The 21-year-old in a 15-second video was seen applying the cream, stating, “a bathe mi bathe inna cream; you think me easy”, tagging social media personality and skincare enthusiast, Nikki Chromaz, who has a popular skin lightening brand.

Several viewers thought the video was humorous, noting that it explained his rapid change in skin tone, while others used the occasion to warn the budding star about the dangers of bleaching. 

“ Wise up son,” added another IG user.