Giant penis statue re-erected after going missing

A huge wooden penis statue that went missing from a mountainside in Germany has been re-erected.

The penis statue stands proudly. (Photo:

German police had launched a probe into the disappearance of the statue that is located on the Grünten mountain near the German/Austrian border.

However, it seems the statue, which is two metres tall, has been knocked over by a stampede of cows, leaving only a small stump and chips of wood.

After hearing what had happened, several people climbed to the top of the mountain to put it back in its rightful position.

The sculpture became a popular landmark after it was discovered a few years ago, and it has even been recognised by Google Maps as a “cultural monument”.

But mystery still surrounds who made it or how it got to the top of the mountain.

One theory is that it was carved by youngsters from the nearby village of Rettenberg. It is said that they gave it to their friend as a joke for his birthday. The friend’s father was upset when it was discovered in their garden and told him to get rid of it. It was eventually pulled to the top of the mountain where it now stands proudly.