Girlfriends buying Clarks for their man the new trend

It seems Clarks shoes are more than a fashion choice, it’s a relationship enhancer based on what we are seeing of recent.

A number of ladies now have been taking to social media to show off, to what we assume to be the competition, their ability to purchase the most coveted footwear for their significant other in Jamaica. It is said that buying the shoes proves that they are the real partner for that male.

A number of men will be stepping strong in the holidays as it is now seemingly the gift of choice for the season as women pay out thousands of dollars for the different styles of Clarks on offer. However, while this trend seems to be catching on, a number of persons have put forward their two cents on the matter, some claiming that women are going overboard with this as buying the Clarks will not stop men from cheating.

Others, well mostly males, welcomed the move, indicating that for years they have had to buy expensive footwear such as Bridgette slippers for their women.

What’s your thoughts, BUZZ fam?