Give your skin some Sunkissed Treats

Trish-Antoni Baker , owner Sunkissed Treats

No, Sunkissed Treats are not food. Well, you can’t consume it, but your skin can. The skincare line developed by 25-year-old Trish-Antoni Baker provides customers with natural soaps, sugar scrubs, coffee scrubs, emoji soaps for children, massage bars, lip balms, lip scrubs, masks, and beard oils. 

If your skin is fed these treats regularly, then Baker promises that it will achieve a sunkissed glow.

Scrubs from Sunkissed Treats

In fact, she swears by it. “I’ve been allergic to some kind of colouring dye that’s in soaps since I was a child, and my parents didn’t quite figure out what it was, my skin was always itchy and they had to be constantly carrying me to the doctor,” she told BUZZ.

As she got older, Baker started researching about soaps, and then learnt from everybody’s favourite teacher-YouTube how to make them. 

Pretty soon she was seeing results with her own skin, and after producing more than she could use, decided to turn it into a business. She wanted to give other people the opportunity to achieve sunkissed skin too. 

“I really enjoy the process of just connecting someone to a product that they end up really love,” she said.

Products from Sunkissed Treats

Her products are infused with goat milk, which she sources locally from her grand uncle’s farm in Clarendon. 

And while goat milk has been known to provide many benefits for the skin, it’s its moisturizing properties that makes it Sunkissed Treats main ingredient. “The goat milk makes the products super moisturizing, the soap will never dry your skin out,” she said.

Emoji soaps, a favourite among children

And after almost a year on the market, Baker said she is pleased with the responses she’s gotten from her customers. She connects with them mainly on Instagram and through her website. This support has encouraged her to expand her line of products.

“We just launched our spirulina face mask. I came up with the perfect blend of yoghurt, honey, spirulina, moringa, green tea, and it’s perfect. So far I haven’t gotten any complaints, I’ve been getting good reviews,” she said.