Glacia Robinson’s sixth album is a sweet ‘Symphony of Surrender’

About two decades ago she told us It’s Not Over Now, and today Glacia Robinson amplifies that message with her sixth album, Symphony of Surrender, a timely beacon of light and hope.

Released late last month, the 11-track set is a collection of songs “composed in the keys of life”, recorded between 2012 and the week before its completion. Co-produced with her husband/musician Emerson Ally, Robinson said the pandemic served as a catalyst for its release.

“It’s a Glacia album, so it’s always worth a listen.”

— Glacia Robinson

“People need to be encouraged now,” she told BUZZ. “Some have experienced the passing of their loved ones and are grieving and need comforting. We didn’t want to hold back on something that may help folks traverse these uncharted waters the world is paddling through today.”

Candid conversation

Consequently, the album is geared towards people grappling with feelings of hopelessness at a time where gloom looms and fear overwhelms.

“This album is for everyone who desires to be inspired. It is for people who are thankful to be alive,” she said. It is for anyone who wants to be drawn closer to God and surrounded by the nearness of His presence through worship. This album is a tool that is strategically created to encourage us to shift our focus from everything that has gone awry.”

She added: “It represents the ups and downs, the good and the bad. Yet, the underlying theme of each song is sustained in the candid conversation of sweet surrender. The kind of surrender which says, ‘Heavenly Father, here I am. I come to you just as I am. I give you all of me.’ Surrender is an integral part of worship. We were created to worship God, and Symphony of Surrender was composed to express personal worship and an unreserved surrender to Him.”

Many songs to choose from

The tracklist includes You Make Me Smile, Let All Creation Worship You, Great Is Our God, My Hope and Your Word, all ethereal yet universal in sound. Robinson literally had hundreds of songs to choose from and said the final tracklist was influenced by songs that could be played with an orchestra.

“This album is for everyone who desires to be inspired.”

— Glacia Robinson

And so far, people are loving it.

“It’s having a positive impact on people around the world, and they are blessed by it,” she said. “Orchestra lovers love it, and folks who typically do not listen to orchestras are touched by it because it’s different to them, (but) it’s not just a classic orchestra sound on every song. People have been moved to tears and have committed their lives to God. It also allows people to worship in another way, especially in these times when things are different.”

Worth a listen

The New York-based singer is employing the online and social media space for promotions because of the corona-induced physical-distancing measures. Her expectations for the album mirror her lifelong mission of blessing people through her gift.

“It’s a Glacia album, so it’s always worth a listen,” she said. “I can’t say who wouldn’t like the album, but I think all who listen to it would have an enjoyable experience. I want people to enjoy the music, to reflect on the lyrics and be equally blessed and inspired. I want every life that hears it to be positively influenced.

“I also want to encourage fellow singers and musicians to celebrate their unique sound, to grant themselves permission to create, think outside of the box, and share their gifts with the world. Gifts are meant to be given. There are people whose lives are waiting to be altered by you giving your gifts. Be the blessing you were designed to be.”