GO FLOW: Jamaicans say yes to telecoms player’s latest data offering

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are probably covered by your current mobile plan but what about Netflix, and what about streaming?

Thinking that’s going to kill your data. That’s no worries, says Flow, as the mobile carrier recently launched Jamaica’s first unlimited data plan which boasts ‘any use’ data. Prior to Flow’s latest plan, unlimited plans only offered unlimited data for certain social media platforms but in the world of Netflix, TicTok and YouTube you could easily rack up the dollars and go over your data limit, as those platforms are not covered.

But Flow wants to change all that, offering customers the ability to use data without restrictions—just like you would while connected to WiFi. BUZZ took the streets to find out how Jamaicans felt about Flow’s new plan, which so far seems to be a hit among heavy data users.

Check out their responses in the video below.