GoFundMe launched for former Jamaican cricketer hit by hard times

A GoFundMe page is close to hitting its target of raising $ 20,000 US for a former Jamaican cricketer who has fallen on hard times.

The fundraiser was launched on Friday (May 21) by Indian journalist Bharat Sundaresan, who traveled to the Caribbean three times in search of the ex-cricketer.

According to the description written on the crowd-funding platform, Patrick Patterson, who played for the West Indies cricket team between 1986-1993, has been finding it difficult to make ends meet, with the former cricketer struggling to pay for basic necessities like groceries. 

Patterson, who has been described by colleagues as one of the fastest bowlers from the region during his time, is said to have fallen out of public view, with rumours circulating that he had been placed in care at the island’s only mental institution, Bellevue. 

Sundaresan finally found Patterson at his home in Kingston, Jamaica in 2017. 

Sundaresan, in his article entitled, “Patrick Patterson: The story of an Unquiet Mind” shared that ex-cricketer had disappeared from the scene in the late 1990s and had been confined to his home ever since. 

Even Sundaresan,who had the pleasure of interviewing Patterson,  admits that not even the cricketer himself is quite sure what has happened to him. 

Patrick Patterson in his glory days

“At some point during the conversation, Patterson talks about certain ‘external forces’  who are out to get him, or, at least, ensure that he stays where he is. He first refers to them as “gods” and then simply as “they”. “They wanted me to be here and they are responsible for this,” he says, but denies knowing who they are or what they want from him,” wrote Sundaresan.

“He also blames “them” for all the rumours about him across the Caribbean, mostly to do with him having lost his way, if not his sanity,” added Sundaresan.

Moved by Patterson’s plight, Sundaresan, the organiser of the fundraiser, has been using his Twitter to  appeal to the cricket community to support the initiative.