Google Maps now has an incognito mode

Ever felt that Google Maps was shouting out your location too much? Well, they have now unveiled a new feature, one that lets you go incognito.

This mode which is now available for Android device users was announced in May but is now being rolled out in phases so iPhone users should get it sometime in the near future.

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As with incognito mode for their Chrome browser application and YouTube, it’s the same feature and basically prevents your search queries and real-time tracked location from being recorded into your Google account data.

It is activated by switching on the function once you have upgraded your device. You can turn it off at any time by employing the same technique.

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According to Google, there are a few features that will be unavailable when it is switched on, to include Commute, Location History, Location Sharing, Notification and Messages.

Point to note, however, is that while the Google Assistant microphone will not be available when Incognito mode is activated, it can still be utilised by the ‘Ok Google’ command; but when this is done the app will no longer be in Incognito mode.

So now you can enjoy some privacy while travelling, right folks?