Gorilla Glue Girl GoFundMe fundraiser under investigation

Tessica Brown, the woman who went viral after putting Gorilla Glue in her hair instead of hairspray, wants to donate US$20,000 from her GoFuneMe campaign to charity, but the platform won’t allow her to do that.

According to the New York Post, Brown said the account they set up is under investigation by the company.

“They won’t even release it to me because that many people have called and said it was a fraudulent account,” she explained in an interview.

“Every time you look at it, it says it’s under investigation.”

When Brown first set up the fundraiser, she only asked for $1,500, but that amount was surpassed by over $23,000, and she wants to give back.

“I’m like, ‘We can donate to Dr Obeng’ … and the rest of that, I’m going to donate it to three families in St Bernard Parish,” Brown said. Dr Obeng was the doctor who removed the glue from her hair.

“That’s going to be pretty upsetting because who are y’all to say, you know, this was a fraudulent account? For one, Dr Obeng brought me from St Bernard Parish to Hollywood, like I seen the sign, to take this out of my head, like this man didn’t have to do none of this,” she said.

According to the outlet, GoFundMe says they’re in touch with Brown and “working with her on the withdrawal of funds.”