Govana tells delinquent fathers “take care a unnu youths”

Dancehall artiste Govana has a word for all the fathers who are not as involved in their kids’ lives as they should be. Actually, he has several words.

Dancehall artist, Govana poses
Dancehall artiste Govana

Taking to Instagram yesterday, the Likkle Bit A Money star shared a photo of himself pushing a baby stroller with his child and used the opportunity to offer some advice to fellow dads.

He shared, “My Gz take care a unu youths … doh follow crowd and breed up the ppl dem daughter and run when the responsibility kick een ….then pon Father’s Day unu screenshot the pickney picture offa u baby mother status and post up bout “real father” hey bwoy yah guh dead bad 🙄”

Govana’s message struck a chord with many of his followers, including fellow artiste Jesse Royal who replied, “That is it!!!!!”

Another follower commented, “Yeah man them can read this, hope dem get the message inna them big head” while another said, “Love everything bout dah post yah”.