Grandparents are awesome because…

Have you ever watched your parents play and interact with your children and wondered to yourself ‘Who are these people and when did they replace the ones I actually grew up with?’

You ask yourself that question because the sweet, loving and calm people you see doting on your children are nothing like the miserable, angry and often shouting individuals who raised you.

There was a time when they would chastise you for every little infraction, mess or mistake made. So what happened? 

People mellow out with time. The stresses of financial burdens and making ends meet can turn even the most even-tempered people into screamers, so you have to cut them some slack now and just enjoy the fact that they are kinder, gentler and nicer people to have around. The added bonus is that they are great with your kids and love them just as much as you do. Having them around makes it easier for you to manage, as that extra set of hands does come in handy, and having that sounding board to bounce ideas and issues off is a godsend. This, among other reasons, is why grandparents are absolutely great to have as part of the foundation for raising children. Here are some other reasons why they rock:

1. They do not beat. They did enough of that with you, so now they learn other methods of discipline.

2. They are free babysitters. Plus you know they are trustworthy, since they raised you.

3. They provide all the snacks, candy and food. So when you send the kids over to their house you don’t have to worry about what they will eat.

4. They spoil their grandchildren. This can be both a good and bad thing, but we are concentrating on the good.

5. They give great parenting advice. And it is free.

6. They offer your children added stability. Having a solid, safe foundation on which to raise children is essential

7. They  pass on the core values, attitudes and beliefs that you subscribe to.