Grateful Kurt Riley returns to the studio

As he continues to recover following his recent hospitalisation, disc jock Kurt Riley has revealed that he is back in the studio.

Kurt Riley

Riley, who was the producer for Charly Black’s global hit, Gyal Yuh A Party Animal, shared that he is grateful to be alive and that he back in the studio.

“Thanks be to God and that be to everyone who desired me back to return to life. You all have now made me reborn. You have create Dj Kurt Riley20.3 (Super Upgrade). Again thanks to you for saving my life and may the God I serve bless you all abundantly. Btw, im back in the studio,” he said in an Instagram post on Thursday.

He also said that he is “healing wonderfully” based on results of his blood work.

The DJ also used the opportunity to explain the image that was shared along with his words. The picture shows two hands coming out of clouds.

“Now, I just letting you know the 2 main reason besides the meds n doctors n nurse at Annex ward by uwi why I am alive today. Look at the photo,” he said.

“God has my life in his left hand and in his right are the prayers from prayer warriors and tears from ppl like you. I’m pretty sure because I dont think I can turn back death.”

Riley has been recovering at home after spending two weeks in hospital. He told his followers on social media that he was so sick that he almost died.