Great Valentine gift ideas for men

Men want gifts for Valentine’s Day, too.

If cupid’s arrow has you feeling as if you want to make a grand gesture or a public declaration of love and affection, this is the perfect time of year for all of that lovey-dovey stuff. A commercial sweepstakes with treasures galore; a plethora of passionate trinkets and token, Valentine’s Day is for lovers and those who still want to get that indescribable feeling.

Play your cards right

While not saying that us women are predictable in the least, there are definitely more options when it comes to choosing a gift for a woman, but men, on the other hand, can be a bit tricky to shop for. Based on male needs, wants, passions and hobbies, we have compiled a list of male gifts that will not only guarantee you a big bear hug and a grin, but maybe, if you play your cards right, you will get lucky several times on the big day.

Underwear is always a good gift idea.

Sex as a gift

First and foremost, number one may be the subject of much debate as in recent years we women have been told that sex is no longer considered a ‘gift’, as it is instead a manipulative weapon utilised by stingy women who do not want to go searching for an actual gift. However, checks made with some men reveal that this is up for discussion as other males surveyed said that they had no problem with the gift that keeps on giving.


Trust me, most men are still wearing the last set their mothers bought them, as they often do not think what is underneath is important, so it gets overlooked a lot of times. This makes it a good option, and if you can find some funny ones with characters such as The Simpsons or hearts or ones with a catchy slogan or phrase, it will make it even better.

Take him on a date and make him feel special. Your man will truly appreciate that.

Cute items

Monogrammed items. Be they kerchiefs, pocket pieces, a briefcase, cufflinks, caps etc. Anything that has his initials or his first name signifies to him that you put some time and effort into getting it done, and it is, therefore, heartfelt and coming from the bowels of your heart.

New tools

If he likes to tinker under the hood of a car or does small repairs around the house, get him a tool kit or tool belt. A man who is handy loves to get new tools so a new power tool will get the testosterone pumping just right.

A date

Take him to dinner and use YOUR credit card. Yes, ladies for once you can take care of the cheque. Take him to his favourite restaurant or chill spot and let him eat whatever he wants and do the same for drinks, as you are not only the designated driver but for the night you are his sugar mamma or as the millennials refer to it his ‘glucose guardian’.

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