Green puppy born in Italy

Photo: Reuters

Strange things are happening in 2020 BUZZ fam, like a green puppy being born in Italy.

Italian farmer Cristian Mallocci was shocked when his dog, Spelacchia, gave birth to a puppy with green fur. The puppy was part of a five-dog litter born at the farm on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. All the other puppies had white fur, the same as their mom.

The tiny green puppy was immediately named Pistachio. And it’s believed that its green fur is because of the puppy making contact with a green pigment called biliverdin while in the womb.

It’s not every day that a puppy is born with green fur. Mallocci believes that Pistachio’s colour is a symbol of hope, something all of us could use in this turbulent year. Sadly, the green has already started to fade.