Guinness to release non-alcoholic version

Guinness will introduce a non-alcoholic version of its well-known stout come next week.

An alcohol-free version of Guinness will be introduced come next week.

Guinness 0.0 will be made available in the United Kingdom and Ireland at select retailers on Monday, before being widely released next year.

Now, you may have some doubts about the new drink, which apparently isn’t so different from the original. The production process is siminar ans uses the same ingredients, but without the alcohol which is removed through a cold filtration method.

The company’s global brand director, Gráinne Wafer, said the move is the result of wanting people to enjoy Guinness when they don’t want to have alcohol but without compromising the taste.

And the best part, the new version only has 70 calories in a standard can versus 154 calories in the traditional drink.