Hair today, gone tomorrow: Wig wearers unite

In her stand-up pieces, the late great comedian Elva Ruddock used to claim that she was the President of the Wig Wearers Association of Jamaica, as she said she had a wig for every occasion and mood. Indeed, many women are in love with their wigs for a variety of reasons, chief among them is their versatility.

Their partners, however, can get confused since when they left in the morning, their spouse saw an afro-wearing woman rocking her cute dashiki dress, but by the time they got home, they found an Indian squaw in their home, complete with silky pigtails. Talk about a transformation! For some men, it’s a source of adventure because they never know who they will be coming home to, and that excites them to no end. For others, it is akin to living with an individual with multiple personality disorder, and they tread lightly so as not to set them off!

Aside from it giving them style options, wigs give many women the opportunity to explore their alter egos, both as a source of amusement and even sexually in the bedroom. When role-playing with her spouse, a woman can get very creative, as the wig becomes part of her whole act, complete with costumes and props. Which man would not want a sexy female police officer arresting and handcuffing him for a night of pure pleasure?

Wigs are also ideal if you are having a bad hair day or just need to give your natural hair a break from chemicals, braiding or a hairstyle that pulls on your scalp. Wearing a wig provides a break from the rigours of daily hair routines that may cause damage and weaken the hair, such as breakage, heat and harsh chemicals, which may strip the follicles of buoyancy and shine. If you blow-dry your hair daily, it does quite a bit of harm, so wigs are good for protecting your head, scalp and hair. When in a hurry you can explore your option, and when funds are low, wigs become an easy choice as well.

Having a few good wigs can save you some pretty penny since salon visits and cute hairstyles come with a nice price tag attached. Owning a few good wigs, not the knock off variety mind you, can be cost effective, as while you would have to go get styled often, having a wig eliminates that need to constantly be dipping into your purse. Taking time to possibly sit in traffic, drive to a salon and wait your turn does not really sound like a fun way to spend an afternoon, does it?

— Written by C.W.

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