Hanna congratulates son following recruitment by Deutsche Bank in New York

Member of Parliament for South East St Ann (SESA) Lisa Hanna took to her social media to congratulate her son after he landed a job at Deutsche Bank in New York.

Hanna shared that her son, Alexander, would be serving as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst for 2022.

The MP shared with her following that she had witnessed her son’s hard work and was incredibly proud of his accomplishments.

She went on to laud her son for his strong work ethic, integrity, and self discipline.

“Congrats Alexander on being recruited by Deutsche Bank in New York as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst for 2022,” Hanna said in the captions beneath a headshot of her son.

“Now in your 3rd year, I’ve watched you push yourself with unrelenting focus to a 4.0 while consistently prepping for the rounds of intense interviews with these “bulge bracket” banks, going over every detail day and night, proactively networking to make your dreams a reality, working part time and burning the mid night oil. I know it hasn’t been easy, but life isn’t,” she added.

According to Hanna, there were many times that she heard the fatigue in her son’s voice but is glad that he “never waned” in his convictions to keep pushing forward, amidst the global competition.