Health officials warn against growing face wax trend

Viral TikTok videos showing the emerging trend of “hot wax” facial treatments have led to warnings by some health experts.

The health officials have encouraged people to avoid the trend which shows individuals covering their face and, in some instances, ears and nose with a wax-like substance which is later removed.

In one of the more popular clips, posted by Kapsalon Freedom barbershop in the Netherlands, a barber is seen pasting the wax on a client’s face.

Wax-dipped Q-Tips are even being used to extract nasal hairs.

While such videos have amassed millions of views online, dermatologists say applying wax to the face can be dangerous.

The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD), which has taken note of the trend, said the practice is not recommended

Some in the medical community even want TikTok to add a warning advisory to such videos. 

In recent times, the TikTok platform has seen the rise of many similar beauty trends, including the use of erection creams to plump up lips, which has even resulted in injury to some.