Hello, clean skin! Minister Marion Hall serves face in new post

Shout out to Bishop T, but it’s Minister Marion Hall’s skin for me.

Minister Marion Hall

The former dancehall star made a rare appearance on her Instagram timeline this week to endorse a gospel singer named Bishop T, but it was her radiance that captured people’s attention.

“Your face looks so fresh and rejuvenated…” one user commented.

“Okay clean skin and dimple!” said another.

“It’s the smile right through for me.”

The wonderment continued.

“D Lord really beautify the meek wid salvation. U pretty eeeh.”

“She pweedy bad. Sin caan mek people ugly sah.”

Another added: “Minister the light of God is shining through you. You are looking so fresh.”

The Overflow gospel singjay, who turned 48 in July, delivered this youthful glow via fresh face, clear skin, braids and a pair of diamond earrings as she spoke about her brother-in-Christ in the minute-long video.

It was Bishop T who baptised her in December 2015 when she decided to walk away from her life as dancehall’s leading lady.

“He’s not just a great man of God or a great preacher, he’s a good singer,” Hall said. “He has this new song titled Glory to God and you can find it on YouTube… go and support. You can also look out for his new album coming November 15. Bishop T, bring it to dem, bring di gospel (in) any shape, form, anyhow yuh haffi get it to them, get it to them. Amen”

Hall also has a new single out called Mighty Warrior.