‘Hello from…’: Caribbean Twitter users show how close we are and it’s just beautiful

From the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park in St Kitts, the nearby island of Sint Eustatius can be seen clearly and was just one of the many ‘Hello from’ tweets that flooded Caribbean Twitter this weekend. (Photo: Twitter @jamaljer)

Twitter users across the Caribbean went on a dazzling, photogenic spree to show us how closely knit we are as a region and the result was simply amazing, BUZZ fam.

The trend, which started on Saturday (July 18) and gaining traction the following day, put Caribbean unity on full blast as persons waved ‘hello’ to their island neighbours from their native home.

From Anguilla in the north to Grenada in the south, these images were nothing short of beautiful and reminded us that despite our differences, we are one people blessed with many natural wonders.

Here are some of our best pics, enjoy!

We see you Monserrat!

Lookin’ good, Antigua

*melts into a puddle*


Can we make this a continued thing, please?


Meh heart🥰

Hi!! *waves happily*

So. Much. Unity😢

Did you get the same warm, fuzzy feelings, BUZZ fam?