Here’s how North West would make the world a better place

Like many of us, North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, wants to see a better world.

North West wants coronavirus to go away. (Photo:

And the seven-year-old has a simple solution.

“I would make everybody love each other and make coronavirus go away and make everyone have more dogs,” she said during a feature with CR Fashion Book.

It is understood that the youngster’s solution to the world’s problem will be shared in the upcoming issue of CR Fashion Book that will become available on Friday.

North West and her mom, Kim Kardashian West

While North West has her suggestions to help make the world a better place, her dad, Kanye, has big ambitions, as he is now running to become President of the United States. He announced his decision in July, but so far, he has only qualified to appear on ballots in about 12 states.

Kim Kardashian is now busy with her own pursuits, as she is currently studying to become a lawyer. She also owns businesses like KKW Beauty and a shapewear line called Skims.