Here’s how some social media pretenders always appear stylish

They say you can never be too rich and in this era of social media consciousness, try adding too stylish.

We all know that some people will do practically anything for the ‘gram’ or for likes, from taking pictures of every meal they eat and featuring their ginormous shoe collection to videoing every single event they attend, even if they weren’t invited!

Some seek to showcase their fashion-forward sense with chic designer threads worthy of ripping any runway.

They model the latest couture outfits that often cost more than the average person’s monthly paycheque.

So how then, without large sums of money at their disposal, do they pull off these stylish looks that would make even Kim Kardashian take note?

This is done through what is called ‘fashion flirting’.

Jamaican stores typically have a no refund policy but will exchange items. However, with social media being as powerful as it is now, things have changed.

The ‘fashion flirting’ game is as follows:

  • The consumer purchases an outfit, snaps a tonne of photos for Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram and then returns the outfit a few days later, complaining of some fictitious fault.
  • The store, in order to avoid a social media scandal, would take back the goods.
  • The trick is to shop at different boutiques so that no store owner becomes suspicious.

But some store operators have picked up on the trend and are standing their ground.

Store Manager of Trendy Treasures in Montego Bay, Jamaica Carla Reynolds said that one dancehall diva from the Second City attempted to pull the same stunt at her store.

“They may think they are ‘flirting’ but we have already secured the bag and we are not giving it up”

Carla Reynolds, Owner of Trendy Treasures in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Reynolds said she was not about to take back the pricey outfit.

“While the customer is said to be always right, the customer cannot in their right mind think we would accept worn clothing with deodorant stains on it.

We also pride ourselves of keeping abreast of all of our customers’ needs so we not only tag them when we get hot, new arrivals but follow them too on social media so we see which designers and what they are wearing,” Reynolds said.

“They may think they are ‘flirting’ but we have already secured the bag and we are not giving it up,” she added.

No local fashionista was willing to divulge if they ‘fashion flirt’ but we all know that anything that is trendy in Uncle Sam’s land will trend here especially because a lot of women subscribe to the philosophy that ‘hot gyal nuh repeat clothes’.