Here’s why Ce’Cile got vaccinated

Dancehall artiste Ce’cile

Her peers like Sizzla, Spragga Benz and Buju Banton may be against COVID-19 vaccination, but Ce’Cile recently decided to get vaccinated to “get back to work.”

The singer opened up about her decision in an Instagram post on Wednesday, more than two months after being fully vaccinated with AstraZeneca.

“I was hesitant about taking this new vaccine but I don’t see a way forward without it if I’m to look at the big picture,” she said. “I’m not encouraging anyone who doesn’t want to take it, but I’d encourage people to look at the research and see if there is another way coming out of this with our lives and our businesses and our houses and our savings without being able to get back to life OUTSIDE.

OR if you think there won’t be a third wave and a fourth wave and more lockdowns and less face to face schools without vaccination.”

She continued, “The reality is many people are dying, more will die, many of us will lose EVERYTHING. If it’s only a matter of delaying and denial until the USA says you can’t travel without it, or until our kids are so behind in schools, or until we have lost everything then maybe we need to rethink. I’m no longer allowing people in my homes without them being vaccinated. I simply cannot afford to.”

While she added that she is aware that being vaccinated doesn’t make one perennially COVID-19-free, her own medical condition further inspired her decision to get the vaccine.

“I’ve seen how even friends of mine have been careless and nonchalant and In DENIAL about Covid until THEY CAUGHT IT. And had I been a different careless person or not vaccinated I probably would have been around them and caught it but the difference was I HAVE ASTHMA and I may not have been as lucky as they were to over come it. I looked at THAT N realized each of us has the responsibility not just for ourselves but each other. I’m still wearing my mask, still staying in as much as possible and getting broker by the minute.”

Several users commended the entertainer’s stance with one person commenting, “Real talk, dollars have to make.”

Ce’Cile responded, “Me well broke, me want go road.”

A few left their scepticism about the vaccine being the accelerator for normalcy. Ce’Cile welcomed the varying opinions, highlighting that she is open to other options “to get back outside.”