Here’s why he wants to break up with you

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Your man wants to leave you, you feel it in your guts. But you’re not brave enough to ask why, and he’s not brave enough to tell you why.

So there you are, both of you, spiralling in this relationship of uncertainty.

But hold on, before you confront him all teary-eyed, and he gives you the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ speech, good news!.

Men all over the world cowardly took to the anonymous social media platform, Whisper to share some of the reasons their love has gone cold in the relationship.

I’ve curated some of these responses for you. Do you recognize your partner’s voice among them?

“My girlfriend was starting to lose weight and because of that, I wasn’t attracted to her anymore”

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“I feel horrible because I love my girlfriend as a person, but in all honesty, I’m no longer attracted to her and her interests. We’re not meant for each other and that kills me a bit,”

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“I’m not attracted to my girlfriend anymore, part of it is because we never have sex,”

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“My girlfriend wants to have sex but I don’t want to because I’m not attracted to her anymore due to our last fight,”

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“Is it wrong that I’m no longer attracted to my girlfriend because she’s not smarter than a fifth-grader?”

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“I’m not attracted to my girlfriend anymore because she is fat, and refuses to work out, even though I suggested we go together. She also wants braces… how sexy”

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