Here’s why Robert Pattinson’s The Batman is worth the hype

Matt Reeve’s The Batman

Trailer 2 for Matt Reeves’ upcoming movie, The Batman was recently released and DC fans across the world are joining forces to fuel the hype.

Now, DC in the past has managed to botch the majority of their superhero movies. Honestly, even the ones that have been overhyped into infinity are mostly “okay” at best if we’re talking decent cinema.

Reeves’ upcoming rendition of the caped crusader is something to be taken seriously.

When the first trailer of The Batman was released earlier this year, however, people quickly realized that Reeves’ upcoming rendition of the caped crusader was something to be taken seriously.

It’s against that background that we’ve compiled a list of reasons why The Batman is very likely to be worth the hype.

Something to prove

Robert Pattinson stars in The Batman

If you’re directing a Batman movie, it’s safe to say that fans are going to be coming in with high expectations… and pitchforks! Especially when you consider that at this point in the DCU’s history, we’ve received Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. That said, Matt Reeves, who is directing The Batman, knows that he has to get it right. And judging by what we’ve seen of the dark and gritty world portrayed in the teasers of the upcoming film, it seems Reeves definitely ‘understood the assignment’.

What’s more? Robert Pattinson who plays Batman in the upcoming film, has been doing everything in his power to wash the Twilight movie franchise clean off his resume. Over the past few years, he’s taken part in some solid projects and has earned his spot as a respectable actor. He won’t easily risk giving up all the progress and that makes it interesting to see how he delivers as Batman.

Paul Dano as the Riddler

Paul Dano is a fun actor who has co-starred in some of the best films of the 2010s. You would have seen him playing supporting roles in movies like Rian Johnson’s Looper starring Joseph Gordon Levitt. But more notable is his performance in Paul Thomas Anderson’s (PTA) There Will Be Blood, released in 2007.

Dano supports Daniel Day-Lewis in PTA’s classic feature-length film, playing a near-insane religious fraud, proving that Dano has the tools to pull off a Riddler that will captivate audiences once the movie gets here.

DC finally gets it?

DC Finally gets it right!

We don’t want to get too excited but based on what we’ve seen with Todd Phillips’ Joker, it seems DC finally realizes that not all superhero films have to copy the comedic, lighthearted tone that saturates Marvel movies. Sure, DC has had projects like the Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel (the latter of which was okay at best), but for the most part, they’ve just been trying to do what Marvel’s been doing: quirky characters and hit-and-miss jokes.

The Batman, being released so soon after Joker, suggests that DC is taking things in a different direction and they aren’t afraid to take risks. Of course, this can backfire as well, but based on what we’ve seen in these trailers, it seems DC is destined to hold the momentum.