Here’s why teenagers should be allowed to stay in bed a little longer

(Photo: MSN.Com)

BUZZ Fam, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that a good night’s sleep is good for the body. I mean, have you ever done an ‘all nighter’?

But if you grew up in a Caribbean household, then you may have experienced the sudden increase in volume on the radio, the loud knocking on your door, or loud talking in the living room. All indicating that it’s time for you to get up out of bed. Wouldn’t it have been lovely if our Caribbean parents were privy to this study?

A research has found that teenagers who get more sleep are better at dealing with stress, and are more resilient.

The research was conducted by Chinese scientists over the course of 24 months, data was collected from 840 students via questionnaires.  

Adolescents were quizzed on their sleep habits and how long it takes them to drop off in the evening while also answering questions on their resilience. 

The study revealed teens who have the best sleep patterns are also those who are most resilient. 

Being able to fall asleep quickly and not spend long periods of time tossing and turning in bed was also a good sign for high levels of resilience.  

Meanwhile, disturbed sleep and a reliance on poor-quality daytime naps were linked to reduced resilience. Adolescents with a lot of resilience are better at adapting to change.

The study was published in the journal of sleep medicine.