Here’s why you should celebrate Valentine’s Day

Forget what all those sour-faced singles are saying and ignore the immensely commercialised aspect of the day, Valentine Day can be fun and breathtaking for all the right reasons. Especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people need a good excuse to smile, laugh and just cast all their cares away if only for a short period. And guess what? the events of February 14 are perfect for that!

Showcasing love in all its forms can be exhilarating, but do not just take my word for it. The experts agree and came up with some great reasons why you should make the most of what you have with the one you have.

1.  Love is universal. It does not have to be restricted to just a man-woman union. You can show your mother, your sister or even your best friend some love, they will appreciate it.

2. It brings out your creative side. Love facilitates you brainstorming new ways of ‘wowing’ your spouse and making them feel like the king or queen that they are.

3. Time is not promised to any of us so do never take it for granted. Shower them with all the love you can now because down the road all we may have are those cherished memories.

Get dressed up!

4. Red and white looks good on you! From coloured coordinated clothing to matching pyjamas, you can look cute, cuddly, and in sync with your mate. 

5. It can help to deepen a union that is fresh or fledgling. If your relationship is still relatively new, here is the opportunity to make a bold statement and take things to a whole other level.

6. It is an excuse to dress up and pamper yourself and your mate. Who doesn’t like to be spoiled? 

7. It allows you to get over the stress of being broke after Christmas. January was rough as December pay had to last for weeks on end, but now we are in February and hopefully it is a fresh start financially.