Hey, what you doing after coronavirus?

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It’s been almost four months since countries worldwide started implementing lock down measures to curb the spread of coronavirus.

And while you’ve been locked inside, and bored in the house, in the house bored (cues Tik Tok), reflecting on the simple things you took for granted, some of your BUZZ Fam have been making plans for when these lock down measures are permanently lifted.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that these plans, unlike our 2020 ones come true!

Ramario, YouTuber: I must admit, I have to get DRUNK with my friends after corona. I can get drunk at home alone, but it’s not the same energy . I want some Jell-O shots, some alcohol mix up mix up! I need it. I feel like I just need to let loose and take an extended sigh when corona ends. I’ve had my visa for like 5 years and haven’t used it 🤦🏾‍♂️ so intend to travel as well. I’ve always wanted to go to China (hmmm…interesting first destination)

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Rio, student: One of the very first things I’ll be doing when this mayhem is over is catch up with some friends. Staying home has been frustrating lol. A good party or outing wouldn’t be too bad. 

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Trissy, nurse: I’ve longed to feel the warmth of sand beneath my feet and waves splashing against my skin. So I wanna take the opportunity to see what Jamaica has to offer, not sure where but if it’s even possible I’d like to tour my island. 

I feel ya girl!

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Noel, entrepreneur: There are a few things I wanna do; Go see family members hang out with friends. This involves eating out and taking road trips. I definitely wanna take a trip to another country.

Shan, student: I honestly just want to get my business going so I’ll  be doing art.  Or if anybody wants to take me somewhere then definitely.

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Alecia, social media coordinator: I plan to leave my job because they abused the work from home situation caused by the pandemic, 12 hour shifts day in and out. So yeah as soon as the pandemic is over I’m leaving this job for something more comfortable.

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Othniel, teacher: Go outside, Jamaica isn’t big enough for all the activities I plan to do when outside resumes so I’ll be flying out.

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