Hey, working mom, actress Gabrielle Union is rooting for you!

Actress Gabrielle Union and daughter Kaavia (Photo: Instagram/gabunion)

Gabrielle Union thinks keeping up her job makes her a “better” mother, as she defended mothers who choose to have careers.

The 46-year-old actress has nine-month-old daughter Kaavia with her husband Dwayne Wade.

She has slammed those who try to make working mums feel “guilty” for keeping their jobs, because she believes having the time to go away and “do what [she] loves” actually makes her a better mom to her tot.

“Being able to have the job that I love and the baby that I dreamed of is great”

—Gabrielle Union
(Photo: Instagram/gabunion)

“I don’t have mom guilt, and I’ll tell you why. Being able to have the job that I love and the baby that I dreamed of [is great]. I’m a better mom because I’m able to go away and do what I love. Even if I failed miserably, I’m following my dreams. … I would be less of a mother if I didn’t set out every day to try to make my dreams come true and other people’s dreams come true. So I don’t have guilt.”

And the ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge has the support of her fellow parents too. She added: “We all grew up like, ‘Go, Mom, go. Go, Mom, go!’ Not like, ‘Why are you missing things?’ but, ‘Way to go, I’m glad you’re living your dream.’ We’re all kind of rooting for each other.”

Gabrielle Union defends working moms.

Gabrielle and Dwayne welcomed Kaavia via surrogate mother after the LA’s Finest star tragically suffered eight miscarriages, and Gabrielle now says the couple never gave up hope when it came to their family dream.

Speaking to Us Weekly magazine, she said: “[Kaavia’s] just amazing. I’m so glad that me and my husband and our family just kept trying and plugging away and hoping and praying. She’s all of our dreams come true.”